I hope you don’t mind
I felt compelled to write you
Your words moved me so.

What a compliment
I find your voice beautiful
So much more than mine.

Oh honey. You’re just ..
It’s like you speak directly ..
You make my soul ache.

That recognition?
When two souls meet, and just know?
I’d given up hope.

Hope is for suckers.
I’ve been telling myself that
For so so long now.

Ha! Me too. The same.
I’ve become so embittered.
Tastes better than pain

You bleed beautifully.
The way your words soak the page,
I could drown, smiling.

Oh, you flatter me.
You write so exquisitely
Even here, in haiku.

Because I’m inspired.
Oh love, you really don’t know?
Before you, nonsense.

And now? Violence.
As though my bones cracked open
To make space for love.

That’s exactly it
As though everything brightened
I couldn’t go back

But what can we do?
Is forward an option here?
I mean, together.

We don’t get to choose.
Who we love, is who we love.
How we react, well…

It’s been far too long
Since I’ve felt scared of something,
Something I wanted

We’ve hidden ourselves
In plain sight, in normalcy
Passionless, afraid

So, let’s say we do
I wouldn’t know where to start
There are no breadcrumbs

I think it’s begun
Here, in this space between us
We’ll forge a new trail

But what will they say?
How will we explain ourselves
To husbands, children

If you love someone
You want them to be happy
They will understand

I hope that you’re right
If we decide to do this
There’s no going back

It’s going to be hard
But it feels like the right thing
Or is it just me?

No. It’s really not
It’s as though I’ve been asleep
Except you’re the dream

Well, perhaps it’s time
To stop sleepwalking through life
And wake the fuck up.

Is it so easy?
We just decide, and then act?
Is it so simple?

That’s love. On one side,
it really is that easy.
But it’s messy too.

Good thing we’re poets
Without messy emotions
What would inspire us?

Then let’s make a mess.
I can’t imagine saying
Anything but yes

My yes is tangled
Caught in a throat too long closed
But I need you. Yes.