!estoy finalmente en barcelona!!!

We landed at 1pm after a 2 hour delay while they changed a flat tire. The american girl next to me complained to her friend, but I thought they made good time considering the size of the tires they’re workin with. I wandered out into the sunshine and balmy temperature, beautifully unoppressive. I wandered over to the taxi stand and got a driver who speaks no english whatsoever. And the only spanish I could remember was I like your eyes, followed by a not so subtle wink. Never got a chance to use it tho, he never took off his sunglasses. I reeeeeally wanted to talk to him, but was much too wrapped up in the scenery around me. And oh! it’s dreamy. All 6 story buildings with wrought iron railed balconies and wide avenues filled with cars in lanes that don’t seem big enough for that guy to go flying past us at that speed. Intersections I couldn’t even begin to make sense of. Women with big sunglasses, tight black pants and hair streaming out from under their motorcycle helmets weaving through it all like spanish valkyries or something.

And me with a dead camera battery. meh. (note to self..always get 2 batteries) But it’s okay, the battery is charging,  I will venture forth and gather pictures. Sightsee. Eat. Drink. Bask. Basque? Perhaps after a nap.

(crikey! a bell just chimed somewhere outside!)

And so here i am lying on a bed in el hotel Hesperia Metropol which is in the centre of barrio gotic (old town..superold town) and about a block or two from the beach. Which of course is where the mediterranean sea lives.


I’m surrounded by old old old stone buildings and archways and ambiance and yes I could have saved myself the cab fare and found a hotel close to the airport as I fly out to Malaga early tomorrow. But c’mon! One night in Barcelona and I’m going to stay at the spanish equivalent of the airport delta? Right. The room I’m in is small and the window overlooks walls of a courtyard that is tiny and uninteresting. When I first got in here I thought about going and asking for a room with a view, but I think it’s better this way. While it would be fun to sit and look out over the city, this will inspire me to actually go out into the city. How much snazz does one really expect for less than 100 euros in the centre of town?

ahora debo ir practicar mi espanol…mas a venir!