I’ve been lazy,
I’ve been slipping deep
into hibernation mode
Regardless of the fact that my place of sanity is one of fire.
Let it drift, has been a mantra
Apathy disguised
As an attitude of laissez-faire
As if saying it in French makes a lack of motivation seem continental.
While rolling toward the long dark,
I settled for the long con
The notion that everything will work out,
Whether I work at it or not.
I cried meh
and let slip the dogs of whatever.
My long habitual disdain
Of anything resembling focus or endgame
The perfect stumbling block to trip me on my way forward.
Stay here, where it’s quiet
I don’t mind if you smoke,
I’ll turn my head, pretend not to see when you choke
On the dreams you’ll let go of in time.
Exercise every day? That seems crazy
A rest is what’s needed now and then
And then the rest days aren’t for recover but lazy.
And the habits ingrained
Are the ones that cause pain
And definitely not in the good way.

Wake up!
And don’t you dare go back to sleep.
There’s far too much fun to be had.