I hear your laughter and it calms me
The very thought of you is a balm to me
Reading something you said
Calls forth your voice
and I can feel my ears respond with joy.

I’ll miss the soul, I’ll miss the heart
I’ll miss every single part
I’ll think with fondness on your face
I know I’ll see you damn near every place
I look.

You’re like a favorite book unfinished
A theme that will never ever diminish
WIth time or thought or deed.
Every chapter an adventure
And every single word
A carefully crafted examination of delight
and the absurd.

You carry love like a banner unfurled
Ready to hurl it like a spear into the hearts and minds
Of any who drew near enough to realize
It was in their best interest to do so.

I know you might not want me to cry
Might not want me to be sad to see you go
But I know that you would be okay with me doing just that.
Because you get it.
You always do.
I was never sure if I envied that quality or not,
but it sure suits you.

A lot of things do.

And not just you,
we all have our lovely bits
those things that make those special folks
love us to bits.

How lucky are we to find the special people
Who teach us that we are the special people
And oh so worthy of the delightful everyday,
the dream we don’t have to wake up from
the dance that moves in us from the first breath to the last
the reality that love exists
For Everyone.

You taught me that. Thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate it. I’ll do my best to continue the practice, but I know that if I forget for a moment or two, you’ll remind me in the most lovely way possible. Which, as I seem to recall, is but one of your many wonderful superpowers.

I love you Michael Kennedy. Stoked on the next time we get to dance together on a beautiful beach under a moon so full and shiny bright, you’d swear she stumbled across a gorilla’s stash or something…