The moon was bright, bone china white
as I sat beneath the trees.
Their branches stark, beckoned the dark,
devoid of all their leaves.

I waited there, in cooling air,
As the last of daylight faded.
Shadows grew, until I knew
The hush of night pervaded.

From time to time, a sip of wine,
For warmth as much as mettle
To see it through, this thing I do
Even lesser tasks unsettle.

I’ve considered how, with knitted brow,
To repay the one who hurt her.
And by design, within my mind,
My thoughts have turned to murder.

I’ve lured him here, goddaughter dear,
And hung him by his thumbs.
To think awhile, with shadowed smile
What inspiration comes.

I watch his face, his fear in place
I’ll make him soon regret
He ever played, or cast a shade
On she, he owes a debt.

I tap his chest, his panicked breast
Heaving with a struggle.
His eyes are wild, this summer child
He’s clueless as a muggle.

“It might seem stern, but you must learn
The consequence of action.
You hurt a girl, who means the world
There will be a reaction.

For each second, I have reckoned,
You caused her dear heart pain
An inch removed, until you’ve
Become skinless or insane.”

His muffled screams, the sound of dreams
I’m sure he longed to wake from.
I smiled, bemused, newly enthused
And inspected where to take from.

Twisted round, toes on the ground
He struggled to find purchase
But all in vain, as it was plain
I’d prepared him well for this.

I whispered soft, then held aloft
A knife that promised danger.
“And if I get bored, this mini sword’s
An organ rearranger!

Now if you can, please understand
I do not lack compassion.
I am just exhausted, seeing girls accosted
Treated poorly, in this fashion

For a start, she gave her heart
Something not so little
If one is callous, acts with malice
A strong heart becomes brittle.

If one is played, her trust betrayed
By someone she holds dear
Walls are built, and hope can wilt
It’s tough to persevere.

It’s not a game, and you’re to blame
For muddying intention
Say it straight, communicate
Do I have your attention?”

He nodded twice, his moan concise
His shoulders must be aching
His arms pulled tight, he’d lost the fight
A pound of flesh I’d soon be taking.

And then the tone, a text, my phone
The governor’s reprieve?
Boyfriend’s precise, sought out advice
“Ha! My lover gives me leave!”

‘Upon reflection, youth’s rejection
That cannot abide.
Carve him up, that foul pup,
A rug will be his hide.’

“My winsome guy agrees that I
Should teach you a lesson.
And do you in, like that scene in
That film, Delicatessen.”

He shook with fright, his face pale white
Wide eyes cast down in deference.
What a waste, he couldn’t place
My clever movie reference. 

I raised the knife, to end his life,
His eyes were filled with tears
I leaned in close, and cut the rope
Allaying all his fears.

“Here’s the thing, I’ve cut the string
Because somewhere deep inside
Is the boy, who gave her joy
Before Jekyll turned to Hyde.

So here’s your chance, a circumstance
To make proper amends.
You’d best atone, show me you’ve grown
Or next time, I’ll bring friends.”