Two blogs in one day! Wow. Someone’s got some time on her hands. Actually, more like aches in my feet. Or legs, rather. This city needs to be done with a bike. You can walk, nothing is incredibly far and I certainly thought that I would check out perhaps the Van Gogh museum or the other one with the name I can’t pronounce. But after a (splendiferous) tango lesson, I have come back to the hostel to get my laundry and found that my roommates(whom I have yet to meet, but I’m pretty sure they’re girls and one of the bags has a tag that suggests it’s either angry or just arrived from Madrid.) aren’t here, so as the sun makes it’s lazy descent over the park, I shall write some about this city I’m getting to know a little better before I take my hulahoop to the park to exercise some of my other muscles.

Tango is fabulous by the way. I stumbled across an amazing teacher here named Sebastian who is actually from Buenos Aires. Patient, clear, and gooooooood. I learned much from Remi in Paris, but Remi mostly danced with me so that I would learn steps and how to follow and the like. Sebastian mainly concentrated on my axis, balance, letting go so that I can follow easily and having a greater sense of the timing. And I think I progressed pretty well. My confidence has vastly improved and I think I might be ready to try out the milongas by the time I’m in Ireland. I don’t know that I’ll look for a teacher in Denmark, but I’m excited nonetheless because finally I’m heading to a country where I get a stamp in my passport again! I think. Is Denmark in the EU? I know they use their own currency, which is what makes me think perhaps not.

Apparently they’ve been members since 1973.

Ok, well, I’m excited to go to a country where the currency is different then. And I was reminded today that if I go to Copenhagen, I should go to Christiana as well. But for sure I want to go to Elsinore, which might not happen as it’s way north of Copenhagen. Though it’s hard for me to say how far because in Europe everything is so close. Oh, it’s 50 km. OhhhhhhK. There’s probably a train. But first I have to find a place to stay while I’m there, this paying for accomodations thing is killing my budget. Hooray for!

Ok, I never actually wrote anything about Amsterdam. But I’m here, time to live it. Last night I found a jazz club, tiny and awesome. Today I found out it’s owned by a musician of epic proportions(at least in Holland) as a place where he can jam every wednesday, and invite whomever he wants. That’s thinkin. At any rate, the bartender assured me that tonight’s show would be leaps and bounds better than the last, so away I go.

Until the next.