Whoop! Here I is. It’s 7 am, I’ve just arrived, I’m at the Flying Pig Hostel or something, music blasting freakishly loud, a bevy of internationals hangin in the lounge, it’s absolutely delightful!!!

I’ll get a room here and wander the city today, exploring and such and track down Ingmar later today, as he doesn’t live in Amsterdam proper. Pictures and stories to come as I believe I can’t help but have incredible adventures here.

I also got a new cellphone just before I left Paris, it’s cheap and has no butterflies, but if I lose it I won’t be terribly sad. Luckily I still had my sim card from Canada so I haven’t lost any numbers.

Wheeeeee! Amsterdamnnnnnnnn! Here we go!

By the way, congratz to :p and jo on the newest addition to the fam! Yay for the maybaybee!!!!!