April is Poetry month as brought to you by tarot card prompts!

Also me.

Normally I start with the Fool, but since The Fool’s Journey® is ever present, ever constant, just-what-we-do, I went completely random this year.

Eights wands is a pretty perfect starting card with a real Let’s Goooooooo vibe.

The quote on the card is from Act 4, Scene 3 of Henry V, immediately after the St. Crispin’s speech.

Insurmountable odds faced with readiness are more likely to result in victory, regardless of outcome.

What I mean by that is things are going to happen, and we get to choose how we engage with that movement. We fling ourselves into the daily chaos of unknowing, how better to participate in the pandemonium than with thoughtfulness, humility, and eyes open bearing witness rather than panicked acceptance and a sense of futility.

Day one! Eight Wands as imagined in the Shakespeare Oracle by A. Bronwyn Llewellyn

Woke with a call to action, forthright and sincere
Buoyed by a sense of movement, the drive to persevere.
I might not be a statesman but once more unto the breach
Might be more than just the start of a pretty speech.
It suggests that I revisit a place I’ve known before
Instead of staying comfortable, here upon the shore
To wade out and head for depths, there’s much left to explore
Instead of purposefully squinting, to lose sight of what I’m for.