The illusion is that there was ever anyone else holding it.
The wheel, I mean.

Of all the hats I’ve ever worn,
and there have been many,
The Fool is the one that seems to fit most consistently.

I’ve been a fool for love,
I’ve been a fool for you,
I’ve been a fool for thinking this would turn out differently.
None of the pop songs deterred me in the least, it would seem.

I was a fool to think that I would not decide to rearrange my home
rather than focus on writing this.
But then, it could be considered foolish
to think I can only do one thing at a time.

Where is it written (besides everywhere) that there is one way to be
there is one sort of life to live
there is one path and all the forks are just distractions
though they do come in handy when there is cake.

I used to think that the Fool on the card
was leaping from the cliff because they didn’t know any better,
but I’m not so sure anymore.

There is this definition of a fool being someone who doesn’t have all the information,
who isn’t able to speak from a place of authority
who isn’t capable of taking things seriously
and tends to be irresponsible at best
and lacking intelligence or wit,
at worst.

At worst,
it’s how we explain away the need to overthink everything,
to overcomplicate
to overextend the illusion
wherein we pretend that we know
when we don’t.

Which honestly,
just seems foolish.