Somehow I missed the Star,
which seems funny as there are so many.
Infinite worlds
Infinite lights
Infinite possibilities.

A broad swath of what if lights up the sky
But for all the streelights.
I miss that sky
And how lively it seems.
Oh the compromise of convenience.

The truth is they’re mostly dead.
By the time the light reaches us
it’s gone out
A message in the form of a cosmic afterthought.

I think of our tendency to name things
To give them features
For instance, that group there,
The Pleiades, the sisters seven,
Do they fight, do you think?
Do they argue about whose turn it is to ?
How we so desperately want things to be like us.

Even things that are cold
And dead
And distant.

One might think that cynicism doesn’t suit the star card,
With her sparkly balance
and talent for walking on water while being perfectly grounded.
With her companion of thothy wisdom,
which is just as juicy without the lisp.
There is a word associated with this card
As with everything we love to name.
Like the beak of the Ibis,
It speaks of a fishhook,
A way to reach inside,
to grasp,
pull forth the inner truth,
that hidden light so many search the heavens for,
when it was here all along.

Not so cold
Not so dead
Not so distant after all.

Today’s deck is the Gill Tarot.