What is it that connects you to the world around you?
Is it love?
Is it chains?
Is there a difference?
Yes, of course there is.
It’s called perception.

As far as finding a fit,
Being sure that I belong,
Knowing that I am necessary,
Intuiting my innateness
When considering all
that had to happen
for me to happen
I am able to acknowledge
that my existence
is the equivalent
of an enthusiastic yes.

I am the sum total of everyone who came before me,
the sum of all fears
the sum of all hopes
the sum of all connections both tenuous and tight
both darkness and light
if we’re going to get ourselves stuck on binary.

Which is folly.
So let’s not.

To suggest there are only two sides
to this dance of cosmic interplay
leaves out a depth and breadth of experience

And so perhaps, what’s the point of seeking
if we can’t know all?

Again, folly.

If I can’t have all the cake,
would I deny myself some of it?

My ancestors right timed, right placed the heck out of each other as far back as anyone did such things
just so I could miss out on cake?

That’s the foolishest folly of all.


Today’s deck is the Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson. I think I have all her decks at this point because I love her art so much. When I was young, I had decks, and then there was a time when I didn’t. I’m not sure what happened to the ones I had but tarot wasn’t something very present for me. A couple of years ago, I joined a group online where card reading is very prevalent, and I found myself in need of a deck. I went to the local shop to see what they had, and found this. I’ve always had a love for the liminal spaces, for the inbetweens, for the notion of existing on both sides of the looking glass simultaneously. How perfect then, was a deck which suggested this possibility right there in the title! It’s a comforting friend, this deck. The images also feature a lot of animals (a prevalent theme which just makes me more enamoured) and though it can be difficult for newcomers looking for traditional imagery, it’s still a lovely deck.

The World card intimidates me because it’s just so everything. When the world shows up, with it’s beautiful cosmic dancer at the center of the circle, which might be a womb, which might be a faery ring, which might be a swirling eddy of primordial stardust, there is this very humble part of me which is forced to acknowledge, accept that it’s not something removed from me. The World represents everything, which includes me because I exist within it. It’s very easy to want to disassociate from the ugly parts, from the dark hearts which cause harm, from the short sightedness, from the casual disdain for anything resembling compassion or consideration. But then there are parts of me which encompass those things too. It’s easy to want to deny that, but it’s folly.