A man a plan a hat a Panama
is a palindrome
I consistently get wrong.
I blame Roald Dahl and the BFG
for suggesting that people from Panama
might have a ‘hatty’ taste.

There are many instances of that in my life,
a rebellious insistence in the veracity of what I think I might know,
a defiance as to what exactly constitutes a plan.
If considered from a certain angle,
could be considered a measurement,
a unit of direction
Even if we haven’t quite worked out the landing yet.

It might be three point,
but there might be no point
in insisting that things have to go a certain way
in order for them to have gone correctly
Or even well.

Back and forth,
a perpetual see-saw of
this is the way
and that is potentially a better way.
Much like how I’ve always felt about math
If there is a place to get to,
does it matter how we did
so long as we do?


Today’s deck is Guardian of the Night Tarot