What wild we are
when we let it all fall.
Light as a feather,
this heart finds balance in trusting the process.
After all,
It’s been around a lot longer than I have,
arrogant as I might be some days.

There is this luscious naivete in forgetting that nature is just as ruthless as she is snuggly.
Because that ruthlessness, that instinctual ability to get’ er done,
to do what needs doing in order to not just survive,
but thrive
because that’s what’s needed to carry the entirety of us forward.
Survival just means existing
but thriving results in growth,
the realization that we are not separate.
We are animals.
full stop.

These illusions that we are lofty and above it all,
that we are somehow devoid of connection to the world around us
are best left in the dust
tumbled to the ground
and mixed into a mudpie.

A sense of harmony is what’s needed,
a realization that while the things we do are not unnatural
because we are not unnatural
There might be ways in which we can ensure
we engage with the world
In ways which keep
a balanced heart.


Today’s deck is Glyph: A Tarot of Type by Ingrid, which I acquired very recently but am already much enamoured of. There is a luscious simplicity to the sigil like drawings, each suit has its own definitive colour and typeface, which I find both striking and helpful, and the deck itself is one of the few I have which seems to be perfectly sized for my hands. I wasn’t sure at first because I have so many decks where the imagery is fleshed out, the story exists and I just need to say it. But these cards create a really lovely interchange where the story isn’t immediately obvious and so I have to draw it out, to tell it rather than say it. It’s created a kind of relationship I don’t have with many decks and I’m really enjoying it.
The three cards I pulled here are not the first three, nor the most recent. In every single iteration, I pulled three cards where the two on the outside matched either in colour or in number, juxtaposing the one in the centre. It was difficult to decide which to use, but ultimately I went with these three because I love the Empress card (even though it showed up earlier, I can use it again, there are no rules) and having the Tower and Justice show up as the companions felt both right and like a bit of a challenge. Plus it was the only instance where I got three majors so that felt like something.

I get a bit trapped in two places when it comes to reading cards. I want to be right, and I want to find the positive. Even when I’ve pulled the 10 of swords, my go-to is “well, at least you can’t be any more murdered!” Which is true, okay, but it’s not always happy face time.
That said, I do personally enjoy when the Tower shows up. Yes, it’s the destruction, upheaval, walls come tumbling down sort of energy that most people don’t really want in their lives. But that doesn’t mean it’s not needed. I’m such a fan of change, of shift, of movement while simultaneously loving routine and schedules and it can create some uncomfortable imbalances in my life. Like when you love going for walks but your shoes are too tight so it’s difficult to enjoy it completely. It’s beautiful out and the birds are singing but you’re constantly distracted by pinched toes.

I have a frustrating tendency to Tower myself, to blow up my life when things are going well, and I’m not totally sure if it’s because I feel like I deserve it, or because I have a fear of commitment and don’t want to be stuck or whatever. This feeling is especially prevalent at the changing of the seasons. I’ll try taking a different route to work and that helps a few times, but eventually I reach a point where the only solution is to move to a different town/province/country and start over. I have done that in the past but these days I’m enjoying sitting still. So I’m trying to shift the inner world a bit more, to appease that desire. Yes, I moved all my living room furniture into a different configuration as well, which helped.
But this arrangement of cards, the Tower bookended by the Empress and Justice feels so very timely for me because it suggests a way to create that sense of shift without ‘sploding everything to an extent that I’m starting from scratch again.

And as decisive as Justice is (your heart either balances the feather or it doesn’t) and as dangerous as the Empress has the potential to be (nature will kick your ass if you don’t show up with proper footwear), they are also the best sort of guides to have along the way because they are not surprised to see you here. They acknowledge that you belong. Do you?