The Lovers
The Dreamers
And me
Is a group of creatures I feel most aligned to
And these cards seem to embody that, somehow.
This notion of choice
Coupled with a reality that just keeps going
And a need for quiet
Now and then.

The Lovers as something to aspire to, 
Fueled by enthusiastic yes
The wheel turns and sometimes it’s difficult
but not every cycle feels the best
And there are times when shutting out the noise
is what’s needed to give the mind a rest.


Today’s deck is Tarot of the Magical Forest and I love it because cute animals always win. Every suit is represented by a different animal, they’re traditional while infusing an adorable sense of fun. The poem is short because I am tired and have a mild ear infection and apparently there is an eclipse tomorrow and the barometric pressure of april in the north is messing with my equilibrium and honestly, I thought about just playing the rainbow connection on the ukulele for these cards but I think I’ll just go have a lie down and recharge for tomorrow.

Stay awesome.