Mastery and victory.
Proficiency and humility.

Leveling up deserves celebration
But laurels can only be rested upon for so long,
There is still work to be done,
there are still targets to hit,
goals to be made, surpassed, and reset.
There is no stop,
there is no finishline
but there are plenty of moments for stillness
for acknowledgement that rest is part of it
for a reclamation
that productivity is not measured
in lost sleep
or rushed mornings,
in lack of leisure
or some detrimental definition of hustle.

It’s measured in growth,
in progression
in being better today that I was yesterday,
even if it’s only by a little bit.


Today’s deck is Cosmobeings by Joanna Nelson and it goes without saying that I love this deck because it’s unbelievably cute. Oh my gosh I love these cosmobeings so much though the deck is massive and so I don’t use it all that often. These creatures are the perfect embodiment of compassion and joy, two things I really needed today. All of her characters are delightful to me.
I do really love getting these two cards though. Even when they’re not represented by super cute beings doing their thing.

The 8 of pentacles is a lovely place to be, to arrive at. This intersection of effort and passion where mastery finds itself cozy and at home. And the 6 of wands representing the realization that achievements have been made to the extent that celebration is worthwhile. It’s good to stop and look around, see how far you’ve come. Because I guarantee it’s further than you think. You’re doing great. And even if you’re not, I believe that it will get better. Eye on the prize, even if that prize is a spectacular nap.