It seems that conflict is a natural state of being,
I’ve been taught that drama, high drama
is its own reward.
The juicy trappings of gossip as a competitive sport,
the very much learned feeling of expansion
that comes of denigrating
those who might get in my way.
Which mostly tends to be me.

Confronted with a sense of loss
inhibition binds me to a perspective
of more is more
Unfettered by sense of self
I give over to sense of worth
Measured in increasingly distant goalposts.

Misery shared is compounded with a twist,
an entangling which leaves no one absolved of involvement.
Better to meet with love
on an even keel
And keep the darkness in your heart sated
by balance it with light.


Today’s deck is the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza and it’s exquisitely wicked. Following mostly traditional imagery with a lusciously twisted perspective on pretty much everything. There is a huge (like, massive) book which accompanies it and it’s gorgeous. The art, the detail, the process of creating the of the cards along with backstory of his personal journey is really impressive.
They are dark though, the message here is not one of love and light, but I personally find it important to remind myself that the spaces exist. Such is the paradox of human. We have these incredible talents for creating amazing things, and often use our impressive brains and skills to come up with more impressive ways to harm, destroy, and kill the world around us.

It’s not a mistake that I chose this deck on Earth Day, because as someone who wants us to be better and that includes me, earth day feels like masturbation. Like lip service to a planet which could exist happily without us but the reverse is not true. It reminds me of pride month in June when all the brands and all the companies who want your money change their logos to rainbows and immediately change them back on July 1.
On Earth Day everyone talks about how nice it would be to have clean drinking water and air, to have trees and bees and birds not falling from the sky, but then they don’t really do anything about it any other day. I get it, capitalism, patriarchy, etc. But it does us no good to accept that we want to change things without accepting that we are also the reason things need to change.

The killer is inside the house. Happy Earth Day.