I like to think I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have time for your bullshit.

Even more so,
I’d like to think I’m the type of person who doesn’t have time for mine.

It’s funny to me
how removed from clear thought
intuition has become.

Intuition has somehow become the domain of feeling,
Where thoughts do not reside.

This cut,
this division,
this rendering of parts
Until we’re compartmentalized within the space of our own body
and mind.

There is this expectation that they are parts of the whole
Which work in conjunction with one another
Until they don’t.
And then my kidneys are a lone gunman,
reacting to something we couldn’t have possibly seen coming.
My throat has a tickle from the dryness of the air,
and that ear infection is just a coincidence.

It’s the same with thoughts.
They whirl around in my head
(I’m picturing shooting stars with many whoosh sounds)
touching briefly on all sorts of notions.
And when one pops up that might be considered
to progress
forward movement
There is focus,
and disconnect from any sort of origin story.
Where did this thought come from?
It can’t be an isolated incident.

And yet.

There is this idea that intellect,
Must be divided from emotion,
To have validity.

I will admit that I have,
and likely will again,
been too far in the throes of passion
to make sound decisions.
But I have also
made poor decisions based on a desire
to side with logic,
regardless of how I felt
deep down
about what was happening.

I wonder how much of that decision,
whenever it happened,
To equate logic with reason
and feeling with irrationality
Was due a small group deciding
That the kidneys acted alone,
And the sum of the whole
Made more sense if it was divided.

Which, I think one might agree,
Is highly illogical.

Today’s deck is the Deviant Moon Tarot