There are some days when it doesn’t make sense
to stay overlong in bed.
Confronted with a need to be decisive
to leap into action,
I do so.
There can be push without urgency,
something it took me far too long
to reconcile.
Panic helps not at all
Nor does the sort of pep talk which borders on bullying.
This notion that I’ll be less
unless I adhere to some sort of drive and focus
I’ve never been prone to a day in my life.
That’s not to say that I don’t walk a line
between wisdom and experience,
the abyss at my back
also the way forward,
free falling with intent
while learning to fly.

What is will
but the perception that we can shape our world
to suit what is required at the time.
That isn’t to say there won’t be obstacles,
things which test your mettle every day.
But that’s how steel gets stronger.
It needs fire to reach it’s full potential.
Harnessing the power of creative energy
Is like trying to tame a tiger.
Better to let it stay wild
And enjoy the ride.


Today’s deck is the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White. It is a wild ride. The cards are so non-traditional and there is so much in them that every reading is a broad and expansive journey. The accompanying book is pretty incredible. The amount of time she has spent on this deck really shows in both the cards and what’s been written about them. At first glance I’m always in a place of, I have no idea what is happening here. But when I delve into the meanings in the book, there is actually so much …I wouldn’t say clarity, but expansion.
Interesting that these cards showed up together, with so much rawr. I’m not feeling very rawr at the moment, perhaps this is a sign that it’s time to gather the sort of energy which precipitates a rawr.