For all I bitch about burden,
mine is pretty light.
But not necessarily less
Is what I’m coming to learn.

If I told you my biggest problem
was that
I didn’t get a parking space as close to the grocery store as I would like
and you
had just returned from the dentist where you had learned that the last 10 years of visits
you hadn’t had the money for
had compounded into needing
more than five vacations worth of,
more than 3 months rent worth of,
more than a new to you car because you’ve never known what it is to drive a new to anyone car worth of
cash money
to fix,
Would you be happy that my burden seemed so light?
That I didn’t know struggle to the same extent?

Or would the resentment pile on to a load you already feel overwhelmed by?

I feel trapped by this paradigm we exist within,
Where poor people deserve it because they don’t have a work ethic,
where billionaires are championed as people who are winning at life regardless of their disregard for it,
even when it belongs to people who are keeping them rich,
where vapidity is celebrated
and worth is defined by likes and subscribes.

And what if I told you that bullshit about the parking space was just the extent of the burden I let you see?

We’re all tired,
we’re all carrying something.
Be kind.
(except to billionaires, fuck those guys.)

Today’s deck is the Otherkin Tarot