Here I stand,
A conduit,
A drinker from the well
A crossroads striding go-between
The intention and the spell.

Inviting satisfaction
Learning how to be content
Embracing joy in moments
Is how time is best spent

I find delight
In mystery,
Its reflective subtleties
I dive deep below the surface
And find myself at ease


Today’s deck is the Dreamkeepers Tarot by Liz Huston and it is exquisite. It’s one of my favourites. The images and how they’re interpreted is exactly the sort of story I love to tell. They’re witchy and weird, shadowy and illuminating. Every time I read with them I learn more than I expected to.

I used to struggle with the Hierophant because of a personal bias I have towards traditional systems and how they tend to serve archaic and sometimes detrimental dogma. I have come around to a place where I can see the Hierophant as an archetype not being limited to those systems and better understand the importance of having intermediaries when it comes to communicating on varied levels. As well, I’ve gained an appreciation for those who would seek our knowledge and keep it, in order that it may be preserved and shared, elevating the collective in many ways, directly or not.

The 10 of cups is just awesome. It is such a perfect card to act as conduit between the Hierophant and the Moon. Engage with the desire to know, find the joy which comes of broadening the self, and delight in the mysteries as they are revealed. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. It’s a rapturous feeling.

The Moon is a favourite because moon, but also because there is this promise of hidden things being revealed in their time. You can’t speed up a moon cycle, it happens just as it does. Which is a great lesson for me all the time. Not only do things happen as they do, whatever I feel like I’m stuck on, it’s just a phase. It’ll pass. Sometimes the only light in the sky is the moon, and sometimes there is space for other lights to shine. Timing is everything.