Eyes open,
I bask in the light of awareness
and how it is easily applied
to all aspects
when I make room for it.
This burgeoning growth which surrounds me
encompasses me when I accept my part
my role as dancer
intrinsic and connected.

Mastering one’s emotions is not synonymous
with keeping them in check.
Mastery comes when I dive deep into the realms of origin
When I assess my feelings as they show up,
acknowledge them as valid,
and give them space to breathe.
There is nothing irrational or irresponsible about
fiery rage
overwhelming sorrow
ecstatic joy.
Only the repression
the quelling of expression
the lack of understanding why this feeling
feels necessary
in this moment.


Today’s deck is The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater and I quite like it. It’s new to me so we’re still getting to know each other but I’m enjoying how the images draw me in and request my engagement in the story they have to tell. I admit that I’ve never read any of the author’s books, but the deck has made me curious and I’ll be seeking them out. I struggle with learning new decks sometimes, if I’m in a mood for things to be easy, familiar. But I also appreciate new perspectives on old ideas without losing the intention so this deck is pretty good for that.

The Sun just wants you to shine bright, to see clear, to embrace your nature. And the King of Cups wants you to engage with how it feels to to feel. There is so much happening all the time, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but your heart is up to the challenge. True story.