I adore the madness of the moon.
I adore the blame she gets
for all the folly we find ourselves in,
as though the salt in our blood felt the pull
such as the ocean does
and we were powerless to resist ebb
to fall in line with flow.

I love how she inspires us to howl,
like we’re that new puppy startled by its own voice
and delighting in the sound created by the simplest act
of breath
and intention.

I love the light she brings,
even when new
The reminder that we can start again
this is just a cycle
it will end,
or begin
depending on which way you’re facing at the time.

I love that she waxes poetic
without even trying.

I love that she never whines
even when waning,
because receding doesn’t mean surrender.

Today’s deck is the Leonora Carrington Tarot