Orenda; an Iroquois word meaning a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect change in their own lives.

Today’s deck is Cosmobeings by Joanna Nelson

I got myself here,
And I’ll leave when I’m damn good and ready.

Handing away my agency makes no sense,
Regardless of the pickle I’m in.

And those who know me,
Know I hate pickles.
It seems a terrible thing to do to a perfectly good cucumber.

But culinary hijinx aside,
The only hijinx here are mine.
Locked in by my own thoughts of what I think might be true
Insures that I’m bound to get a little stuck from time to time.


But healing comes from learning
And lessons come from mistakes,
and if that’s the case,

I must be a goddamn genius by now.