It might seem as though I did not succeed in my mission
of 30 poems
from 30 decks
in 30 days.

But that’s where the Tower comes in so handy.
Fortuitous this,
the last card pulled be the one that cares not
if you’re a king
or a fool,
gravity makes short work of lofty goals.

Raze it to the foundations,
this marriage of hubris and expectation,
this tunnel vision which encompasses so little
beyond that which I think I know,
that which I think I should have accomplished by now,
that which suggests there is only one correct way
to do anything.
And let me sift through the rubble
so I can incorporate my mistakes into the next attempt.
It saves time.

I’ve spent so much of my life creating personas and tearing them down to make room for the next,
the next place,
the next adventure,
the next me.

I’ve become a demolitions expert,
ready to blow off
blow up
blow through any objections to my desire to wander a wide and wild path,
even when they’re my own.

I boldly dare myself to cross lines
drawn in the sand,
an attempt to prove that I am brave and fearless.
Perhaps I should etch them below the high tide mark,
to ensure they’ll be washed away,
proving there was never any impediments
except those
I created for myself.

Today’s deck is Blood and Ink Tarot by Elise Oursa