It could be seen a number of different ways,
this point where it becomes necessary
to walk away.

To look back suggests I might have regrets
but there is much to be said for having an awareness of back trail.
It’s important to know where I’m going
But equally so, to acknowledge where I’ve been.

To some,
walking away might resemble defeat
But healthy boundaries feel a hell of a lot more like victory.



The cards are not exactly being gentle with me. No fluff to be had in these early days it seems.

This is the Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall, an artist who had a long and illustrious career. I believe she started in advertising but her real love was sci-fi and the crafting of outer worlds.
This deck has great amounts of nostalgia for me, it was the first deck anyone ever gifted me, when I was about 16. The best part about it are cats! Obviously, but there is a whole sci-fi mythos that the artist created around the different suits, which makes it even more entertaining. It’s pretty Smith-Waite user friendly, with traditional meanings for the cards.