Today is the day I feel the weight of the month ahead
This plan I had,
To pressure myself into following through
3 days of novelty
4th day

How appropriate that today should be the embodiment of tradition,
Of legacy,
The convening of ideas into doctrines,
rules of spirit
laws of man.

Yeah, fuck off.

What’s the use of icons if you can’t throw a clasm at them once in a while?

Top of the icono-class,
We ride the coattails of the ne’er-do-wells who went before
The questioners
The wonderers
The Weirdos extraordinaire
Who have no time to bow and scraps
for gods who overslept and missed the call to arms.

There is no time to wait for change to happen within a system that benefits the oppressors,
Be more like cat than priest,
And knock it off.