There are paths a-plenty,
and all of them feel true,
enough to consider them worthy potential
to pursue.
All of them suit in some style or another
But the bother of time spent
to discover which is where I feel rent
In two.
This hesitancy
is not akin to the inactivity
of a tiger who decides not to strike.
This indecision is decision made
And happens far more often
than I’d like.
Is my activity performative
Or practical?
If I take strides in half-measures
does it appear tactical or more like a flail
as though unable
to tell heads from tails
And do I have the courage to let a cosmic coin flip
lay where it lands
And commit to the course
Inscribed as writ
by my own hands.

Today’s deck is Our Tarot by Sarah Shipman. I would link to her site, but it seems to be inactive.