Red clover, red clover
Our cups runneth over.

When I was young,
I thought red clover was honeysuckle.
Because you could pull the tiny fronds
(are they fronds?)
from the main bulb
and they tasted sweet when you sucked on them.

Seems a no brainer.
I can suck on this.
It tastes sweet, like honey.
Ergo, this plant is probably called honeysuckle.

No, it is not.
It shouldn’t have changed how I felt about the experience,
but there was this sense that I’d been delighting in this thing
the wrong way.

Eventually, gratefully
I came to understand
the important part is not in the correctness of name,
but in the delighting involved.


Today’s deck is the Herbcrafter’s Tarot written by Latisha Guthrie with art by Joanna Powell Colbert