One coin, two sides
One mind abides
One heart provides
And senses guide

I’m feeling my way through
Learning as I go
Bombarded by the knowledge
There is so much more to know

I’m riotous with growth
Searching with and out my roots
Some days I wear high heels
And some days steel toed boots

A dichotomy of nature
Alive and rife with pleasure
A freaky-deaky frickatrix
A weirdo beyond measure

No babes will grace this body
No legacy of flesh
But nurture is my nature
Where thoughts and wordplay mesh

So many things encompass me
From grandest highs, to lowest blues
But my favourite is the middle way
Traversed ideally without shoes.

And as these couplets come to close
This poem may be finished
I look forward to what is to come
My excitement, undiminished.

Today’s deck is Tarot of the Four Elements.