If there are beings

in charge of making signs
subtle hints
painfully obvious

In the style of
abandon all hope
this way lies cake
abandon all cake
this way lies hope

How long before they give up if I refuse to pay attention?
And what makes me think that I didn’t do exactly what was counted on?

Food (hopefully cake) for thought.


A story in 4 cards.

I know that I’ve only been pulling one per day, and I have been feeling a bit disgruntled about that. These decks I have are beautiful, that’s part of the reason I acquired them. And I’m only showing off one card, per day? It doesn’t seem right.
Typically I try and pick a card the night before I’m to write a poem but this (birthday) week has been busy and I’ve been doing it the morning of. Yesterday I shuffled these cards, and four random cards fell out. I tucked them back in and said, I’ll try again later, and choose just one.

Today I’ve been playing a bit of catchup on things (because birthday!) and picked up the deck to shuffle them again. Four cards fell out. The same four as yesterday. So. Four cards it is.


A song of heart carries weight
A tender arc that resonates
Passion fixes lack of skill
With ability to focus will
Soaring free to leave behind
Beliefs which limit peace of mind
On our hands the work is shown
The myriad ways in which we’ve grown

I think starting projects
from a place where your heart is open
to what might happen
along the way
rather than some tenuous outcome,
is a sound way to reach a level of mastery
which frees us the mindset that we need to be productive
in a definitive and measurable way
to be successful
to be a viable member of
a society
which can’t even manage
to make sure that everyone
has enough to eat,
if they can make the time to do so.


Today’s deck is Tarot of the Abyss by Ana Tourian. I find this deck to be incredibly buoyant. I find so much in the cards which has taught me to go deeper into the meaning and symbolism of them. Some decks speak to me, and some sing. This decks sings and I’ve been really enjoying getting to know it. There is much nuance and thought here.
The cool thing about these four cards showing up is that I often feel very aligned to the suit of wands. It’s fire (go Aries season!), it’s creativity (go writey art stuff!), it’s work (guvn’rs of givn’r) and I also just like sticks and stuff. So I can settle into a reading that has wands in it no problem. But cups, those weighty emotional vessels, swords with their sharp wit and painful pokey truths, and pentacles! Gah! They’re just so chill and grounded and home/money/family/community minded. So this is a nice challenge for me, to find the cohesion in a line like this.