When I was young,
one of the things which gave joy
was the swish swash swoop
of making a tidal wave in the tub.
My skills were unappreciated
By anyone foolish enough to walk into the bathroom
wearing socks.

There is this sense that open-heartedness
Belongs to children
That as we grow we have to harden
as a sign of strength
as a way to cope with
the realization that
as a grownup
there will be a decided lack of swish swash swoop
but at least you’ll have dry socks.

Which might be a fair trade for some
But one of the best parts
of being a grownup
is that understanding consequence
means you can prepare for it.
Which might be why I’m usually barefoot
And I own a mop.


Today’s card is from Grimalkin’s Curious Cats by MJ Cullinane