All the tabs are open
All my intentions a-light with desire
Light a match, set a fire
I burst into action.

I want to do all the things,
there are lists
and notes
and apps
and scraps of paper laying about
And nothing seems less important in this moment than any other.

Stacks of books on a bedside table
Online courses falling by the wayside
More passwords forgotten
than things I recall signing up for.

I might have a problem.

Too much fire
Too much spark
Too much tendency
To make work for myself
And call it growth.

This is a lie, of course.

This exuberance that shimmers like the haze off hot asphalt pursuing the middle distance of a horizon
drives me
to just as many grand and uncomplicated realities
as it does to fantastic imaginings.
Where would I be without this unwavering fire which demands I step lightly,
and quickly,
and forward

Into the person I’ve always thought I could be,
And never once wasn’t.