Isn’t every day the best day if you look at it just right?

I always used to approach this one with an imagining of early morning surfing and breakfast and writing, maybe a good hammock snuggle followed some good make outs and dancing… but that suggests that the best day is only possible if it encompasses certain things.

I go to a job and each week I look forward to not being at my job, as many people do. I think about what I’ll do when I’m not at my job, all the things I want to accomplish which aren’t possible in the moment because I’m at a job. And then I’m not at my job and I look at my list that I’ve made of all the things not job related and sometimes I just want to sit in a bath for an hour, read a book or three, eat snacks, not help anyone do anything, and that includes myself.

I differentiate between my job and my work as being, my job is where i go to earn money doing tasks at the behest of a boss or overseer so that I can pay my rent/bills and eat food. Work is that which are tasks I am doing for myself.
My writing is my work. My creative projects are my work. I do this because I am trying to shift my perspective from someone who sees work as a tedious chore I dread doing and instead regards it as something creative and engaging which fills my cup and gives me joy. It might earn me money some day, and that’s lovely, but that’s not my main intention for it. I am not opposed to the idea that I can commodify my creativity in such a way that feels appropriate and authentic. However, if that is the only reason I’m being creative, that doesn’t sit well with me because I don’t trust that what is showing up is coming from my heart.

So the best day can easily be one where I’ve spent the day at a job, knowing that the result of that is food on my table, combined with having space to let the songs in my head find themselves as words on the page. The best day might encompass someone else’s words on a page which entertain and surreptitiously inspire. It might be seeing friends, and the quiet celebration that comes of knowing there are people who care for you, even if you don’t see each other or tell each other all that often. It might be binge watching a show which makes you feel all the things except guilt and an overbearing sense that you should be doing something productive. Who gets to say what productive looks like? This is your best day, no one else’s.

In general, for me, the best days are those which end with a sense that what got done was enough. But even if it wasn’t, tomorrow is another chance to try again.