My feelings are getting way out of hand
I just dig you beyond what I understand
We were strangers, now friends and fuckfriends someday?
I guess there’s a thing I’ve been wanting to say.

More than like, less than love, that I can tell.
What, why, how is anyone’s guess.
because really, I don’t know you that well.
Well, enough to want to fuck, yes.

But it’s not just your flesh I long to tease
(though I do)
It’s not just your body I want to squeeze
(but that too)
And of course I’m inspired to get on my knees
(as you do)
Especially when you make me say please
(yes even that’s true)

It’s not just your mind and the words
The dance of right fucking now and delightful absurd
The hand on the throat
A pulse under your finger
A willful brutality
A kiss that might linger
And give way to a passion that so far exceeds
No disconnect between thought and deeds

I’m laughing one minute, I’m breathless the next
I’m drifting somewhere between surreal and context
This person I’m seeing, it’s an incomplete view
This troubles me not, I’m the same way for you

But the cracks in my walls I can’t totally hide
I’m fraught with pitfalls, I’m not whole, I have tried
But I’m tired of stalls, and staying inside
I’ll grab life by the balls and open up wide

If you might be thinking that’s crazy to do
Perhaps it was time that you tried it too.

We’re human, we’re social, we just want to connect
There are so many levels where we intersect
Of course I like that I can make you erect
But it’s more than just lust, you have an affect

I wake every day and think of you out there
You’ve reached me in ways that I had thought barred
Are you sexy? Oh hell yeah, but you give me the feels
And that’s why I heartfuck you hard.