“So, you’re that rich dame what killed her husband’s mistress. You don’t look like much to me. Rumor is you killed your husband too, seein as neither of them can be found. Your high falutin’ ways don’t mean much on this side of the bars. Whatcha got to say for yourself, Miss High Society?”

“It’s Mrs. High Society. I’m married, remember? You know, those dark circles under your eyes could be lessened, if you used tea bags on them. And maybe use the tea on your hair, get rid of those brassy tones. Judges tend to frown on hussies.”


“This is Detective Chandler, who am I speaking to?”

“Someone who has details on the Parker case. I might know where a certain missing carpet might be, but I won’t talk to anyone but you. No one can know you got this from me. I’ll be in hot water, otherwise.”

“How do I know this isn’t a trick?”

“You don’t, Raymond. It’s a chance you have to take. Tell your boys you gotta walk the dog or something, and meet me at the bar on main and east 3rd at 11:30. I’ll be sitting at the back, wearing green.”


“The social circles I swim in are comprised of clients, associates, acquaintances, movers, shakers, climbers. None whom I would consider a true friend. Friendship is something I always wanted, but it evaded me. I thought I’d found a friend in Eliza, but I was wrong.”

“Well, Mrs High Society, you can feel free to call me a friend. That tea thing really worked! That judge’ll think I’m a lady for certain. If someone had told me that I’d be getting beauty tips from a fancy lady in the slammer, I’d tell them they were nuts. Yet here we are.”


“Who’s this now?”

“Hey there, Chandler. This is that Parker dame’s housekeeper. She’s got an interesting take on things. You might wanna hear this.”

“Can’t do it, have to run across town on an errand. Take her statement and I’ll read it when I’m back.”

“Anything important? Should I come with you?”

“No, Seamus, I’m good to do this alone. She give you anything to indicate her boss is a murderess?”

“Nah, so far she’s mostly been harpin’ on what a nogoodnik the husband is. Typical entitled water flowed uphill at his command sort of meanspirited rich guy.”