It used to be effortless,
in that way that children have of never finding ways to get in their own way.
And then it got a bit more difficult,
once I’d learned that skill.
But I’m unlearning more and more each day.

I play it fast and loose,
with a string tied around my finger
to remind myself
keep it high and tight
now and then.

I play it loud when the urge takes me,
though I have more consideration than I used to.
I play it soft when there is a bath involved,
as though water is made of feather down
and I,
am trying to keep from sinking.

With electric doors,
I am matter of fact
thankful for their service.
When I’m tired they are tireless
And keep me moving.

I am always aware of dogs
I wave, happy to acknowledge them
confused when their humans say hello
As I hadn’t really noticed them.
It’s okay,
it reminds me to be polite,
even when I’m not in the mood.
It costs nothing to be kind.

I play best when I don’t think about it,
just let it flow.