Tuning forks come to mind.
But then thoughts just radiate from there.

I am surrounded by hum.
I am comprised of hum.
As are you.

And now I’ve ended up in a place where I consider how delightful it is to write something that resonates, and the darkness that goes along with that. It is empowering to feel relevant, to have contrived to create something that other people look at and say, ‘omg I know this thing! I feel this thing! I am so happy to not be alone in these feelings!’

But then comes the chase. The desire to have that feeling of relevance through resonance once more. And then I start to question whether my thoughts are valid, are honest, are cogs in the mental process that is my perspective.
Perspective shifts, yes I know. When I believe a thing to be true, and I am presented with legitimate evidence that it may not be so, I am willing to do the work required to shift my perspective to encompass the new information.
But the trap is when I shift my perspective to encompass something that is palatable to those who might give me a platform, because I crave that feeling that comes from being significant.

Having an awareness is the best way to keep one’s self in check,
and so I will strive to stay in tune with my own fork,
to ring true.