The best clothes have good pockets,
I think the same could be true of the sky.
A simple design that allows it to tuck away stars
it doesn’t need until later,
which could be thousands of light years,
give or take.

But this is taking for granted that I am speaking
of the night sky,
because in the dark,
depths are unimaginable,
there is no strict definition to surroundings,
the world ensconced in a hazy shadow of time and space memory.
A seeming consistent game of
“I would have sworn I put it down right here!”
because what was so obvious in the light
is suddenly literally unclear.

Which is ultimately very freeing,
if one is referring to creativity,
the flow of ideas,
the limitless possibilities contained in that vast depth.
Not so fun,
when considering bare feet leading the charge
through a lightless hallway
where one has forgotten
to put away lego.