There is so much happening all at once
All the time
every breath
every pulse
That isn’t considered
or noticed
or counted
at least, not consciously
By us.

There are sparks of energy that swirl around us
in the air,
We ourselves are made of stars that have gone to ground
And repurposed themselves as cellular structures which have preferences
Such as red over blue
or jumping over lying still.

We love mysteries as much as we love solving them
We adore the notion that there might be more than this
Just as readily as we embrace the intrinsic nature of our existence
of our place in the everything.

It’s all so weird
And it’s all so cool
And I really feel like there are better things we could be focusing on
a lot of the time,
But here we are.

However, consistency is not a strong suit
So I’ll just bask in the moments
When I’m struck by how goddamn magical
everything pretty much is
Like, all the time.

All of it.



Today’s song is I put a spell on you by Screamin Jay Hawkins