Is there a word to describe the narrow perspective
which causes me to imagine
that anyone who isn’t earthbound
are spacemen?

This all started from a place of thinking
‘He-Man is just space Conan.’
Except to him, he’s not from space.
And apparently the planet he lives on is at the center of the universe,
but which one?

I’ve just realized that I would consider someone from another planet to be
‘from space’
because they’re not
‘from earth’.
Is that a universal perspective?
which one?
Are we spacemen to everyone else?

The stars I see are sometimes planets
Are sometimes dead
And there is no way for me to easily distinguish,
Which feels like a bit of an insult
especially considering I am comprised of such things.
It’s really not personal,
it’s just that my view is quite narrow,
much to my dismay.

to every other place,
we are simply starlight too.
So there’s that.


Today’s song is Starman by David Bowie