This feels like a summer thing, like a highway thing, like something that stretches between horizons with no interruptions beyond a quick stop for fuel and food.
Remember when we used to road trip to the grocery store?
When every moment was a chance for an adventure beyond the realm of the mundane day to day?
Remember when we didn’t even know the word mundane because that just isn’t how we roll?

We forgot to make time for sunsets,
forgot to stop and smell the roses,
jump free of the consistent movement and take a breath,
hug a tree,
pull over and turn off the headlights in the middle of nowhere so we could get drown in the light of a million worlds gazing back from the abyss of space.
We are trapped by a point a to point b mindset,
from here to there
it’s this long,
this far,
just 7 more songs
and we’ll be home.