“Tuck in darlings, we’re twisting toward the dark. But then? Then we’re rocking our way back towards the sun once more.”
December is a month of revelling in the lack of light, combatted by the string theory replacing vitamin d with colour wrapping trees. Sleigh bells ring true though transport takes a seemingly more efficient form this time of year. For all the dark that October promises, rain soaked morose reminders of long night might that November dictates, December is all about the balance of dark vs light.

She brings it in tight, describing a dark night mentality that stretches itself beyond what might seem sane, evening the game to a perspective of longest night that rotates back towards the light.
December promises presents and the presence of spring on the horizon, sentiment means more than buying affection, don’t let me forget to mention those 12 days that can’t help but erupt in song.
December is the musical montage of winter, potential promise of snow and the delight in how one can know that there is no where to go, but home. Even when all alone, there is magic in the invoking of her name, how odd that the recall of memories can feel just the same as when I was there, back then, even now and when I consider moments gone by, it’s those days in December most apt to make me try and be as good as I can, to help those around me understand that it’s not about the things, but the kind of joy December can bring.