OK, so I struggled with this decision for a long time. I could spend a good portion of my budget, fly to Iceland and experience it like I’ve always wanted to. Or I could head south to Berlin at a fraction of the cost, hopefully find someone to stay with and check things out over there. I think they even have canals one can fall into when drunk. I like this option. It’s not that I have any intention of doing so, (people pee in there!) but if the situation presents where I feel the need to drunkenly teeter into a canal, it’s nice to know they are there.

And so I thought, I pondered, I mulled, I debated and contemplated, sometimes at the same time, which can be tricky unless you’re very flexible. Gratefully, I am.  I paced and I sat, I looked to the heavens and I looked at a bug while it walked across the window, it was very cool looking. I pounded the floor with consternation and then I used my fist because it seemed more practical.

I could hear the whispers in my ear from the bartender at the Alto Jazz cafe in Amsterdam (berlin-n-n-n-n, wait, do whispers have echoes?) I could hear the faintest strains of music from the Dirt Crew, those super awesome musician dudes from Germany who come to Soundwave, what, every year, because it’s beyond dreamy? But then I could see a vast blue lake, volcanoes, tango dancers, Niceland, where I’ve wanted to go for such a long time. I railed against the idea, ‘But Germany doesn’t even have an I!!!’

And so finally. It was time to make my decision. Very solemnly I reached into my pocket, pulled out a 20 kroner coin, and tossed.

So heads, I’m going to Germany!!!!! Whoop!

It’s a good thing I don’t easily get attached (most of the time) to anything because my plans at this point are right out the proverbial window. But it all started with Denmark. It was never my intention to come here, but come here I did and it’s been totally sweet. If this is an indication of how things go when one doesn’t plan or expect and just kinda flows with it, then flow I shall.  All the way to Germany. And then to Prague. Ideally I’ll stay in Germany long enough to see the Dirt Crew play there next weekend, and head to the Czech republic after that. But who knows at this point.

And before anyone says, ‘But the year of the I! What happened to the year of the I! Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Istanbul! Germany doesn’t have an I at all!’

When I arrive, it shall. And it will be goooooood. Or something like good. Maybe sweet or awesome or superduper or ubersuper. Wow, can something be ubersuper? That’s seems a little intense. Like something you would say in a vision quest or something. I just used something twice in the same sentence! This is obviously an indication of the sick power that ubersuper has!

I shall seek out all that is ubersuper.

Yes. I think my chest just puffed out a whole bunch.  I get the strangest internal thrill when I even think the word. Okay, this is easily going to disintegrate into extreme silliness, I must go and get some dinner as it’s almost 11:30 and I’m going dancing in an hour. I love Copenhagen for that! No one goes out until midnight or later! Nightowls unite!