I lack the ability to disappear
To slide between the cracks of the pavement
and follow the roots of courageous dandelions
which grow, no matter what they’re stomped by.

I don’t have the ability to be resilient all the time
To turn the other cheek
A blind eye
A shuttered heart

Water off a duck is a phrase for a good day
and not every day is a good day.

I open it up and it gets kicked in
The door, my heart, they’re one and the same.

The worst part is when my own brain
My own delightful mind
decides it knows what’s best.

It doesn’t.
There’s nothing merry about this go-round.

Sometimes the only option is withdrawl
To crawl away and hide
To find a shadow and slip inside
Not to find peace so much as to find quiet.

A break from the brain that will hold it inside
If I’m not careful.

Stepping away only works for so long.
Eventually the fingers I hold in front of my eyes
The ones I use to pretend I’m invisible
Will open
Just wide enough to let courage
Or at least a dandelion
Poke through.