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Book Launch Party!!

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I got a grant and used the money to write a book! After much procrastination, panic and frenzied formatting, it happened!

It’s called ‘The Mechanics of Dreaming’, the cover art was created by my amazing friend Autumn Toennis ( and the whole thing worked out even more marvelously than I’d ever imagined.

And since this is likely the closest I will ever get to giving birth, come and celebrate the thing I made!

There will be cheese and crackers for the first one people to arrive (there wasn’t much left in the grant budget), and there will likely be music and silliness and the readings of poems! Some of them don’t even rhyme, so crazy!
I would love to hear others read my words (except Wabi-Sabi) if anyone is so inclined to do so, while I sit in the corner playing piano and cackling delightedly like a mad hen.
I will read at least one though, it’s only right, and might include an excerpt from my second book, which is currently gestating in my brainwomb. That might sound weird, but yes I am.

I know it’s a book launch but there are no guarantees there will be a trebuchet present.

If you want to come, even just for the cackling, but can’t make it to this one, there will be another at the Salmo Library on a Wednesday. I’m not sure which one yet. One of them, certainly.

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected. -William Plomer


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