3 more sleeps until I set off on an international adventure.

I’ve worked and saved money.

I’ve aquired the things necessary for travel. (Insurance, tickets, backpack, good shoes et al)

I’ve read every blog that exists about women travelling alone.

I’ve pored over atlases(atlasi?) and world maps and flickr pages and what to pack lists and travelsite forums like  a fiend.

I have a notebook that is quickly filling with addresses of friends and family who desire postcards.

I have a notebook waiting to be filled with tidbits of travel, anecdotes of adventure, instances of insanity, details of detours and as much folderol and bafflegab as one can cram into a page at a time.

I have an extensive list of countries I want to see.

I have time.

I have created a budget that will allow for a very satisfactory and thorough trip.

I have no doubt that reality will manifest itself quite differently.

As far as it goes, the updates here will likely be verbose, if not frequent. The pictures will be linked through flickr. The postcards will be sent when it’s possible. If anyone wants a postcard from somewhere in particular (if it happens to coincide with someplace I am or will be, so much the better)  send me your address and I will reciprocate.

The list of countries to be visited, and it grows every time I look at an atlas, is in more or less the order I’ve written it.

Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland (ICELAND!!!! whooo!), England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain again, Italy, Greece, Istanbul, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia….ok, yeah, I’m pretty much writing down the name of every single country I can remember now.

Like I said, it remains to be seen how the manifestation of my desire to travel everywhere coupled with the reality of my budget will look when their love child makes an appearance.

Either way, it’s still a love child and it will be awesome.

Enough awesome to fill a blog with, surely.