Ok, so Ymir is awesome.

I only say that because I don’t expect that anyone is paying close attention to what I say and won’t infer that they should actually tell people about this place. I predict more of a general attitude that “Trish is  a lovely girl, but extremely somewhat crazy, and her saying that a place is cool only dictates to me a consistency with regards to her ability to see shiny things to distract and amuse where they may or may not exist to anyone who isn’t Trish. ”

And so I shall let that statement confound and delight those it will and convey to those who know me well, the unerringly joyful tone contained within the subject text of this post.

I shall elucidate.

I live in a place where there is live music on a regular basis, regardless, or perhaps because of, the fact that there are two feasible venues contained within the town limits. I used to live in a place where live music is hard pressed to find a venue, regardless of there being an interminable amount of potential places.

The hamlet I inhabit has a delightfully and insanely small population. As a result, I pretty much know the names and goings-on of everyone who lives here. And it’s all pretty kickass and amazing. And they’re all so good looking. Because they exist in a place of joy on an everyday basis. I used to live in a place where, even after residing in the same building for almost 5 years, I still didn’t know the names or favorite colors of 70% of the people in my 3 story, 12 apartment urban dwelling space.And everyone would be so much prettier if they just weren’t so sad.

Cell phones don’t work here.

There are many things you can’t get here, which are easily accessible in a larger city. I haven’t needed any one of those things since I’ve been here, to the extent that I’m not even sure what they are.

And because there are so many more reasons why I am truly glad to be here, I am compelled to spend my time doing them, rather than writing about them. Here I leave you darlings, to wonder no more about the state of my being. It be good, it be very very good.