Have a question? Curious how cards can tell a story? Delve into the mystery and learn a thing or two!

I discovered a tarot deck in my mum’s handkerchief drawer when I was young, and it seemed a delightfully creative and unusual way to make predictions, imagine scenarios, and ponder the mysteries of the world seen or unseen. I didn’t do much formal studying, though I was given a deck, Tarot of the Cat People, when I was about 17. There was a playfulness (because Cats!) to the esoteric qualities of the cards that drew me in, and I’ve dabbled fairly consistently over the years. My deck choices are typically more whimsical than traditional, and my reading style tends to lean closer to exuberance than solemnity.

I can do readings via email, where you send me a query and we have a mild, but not endless, back and forth to focus in on what the question is. I’ll send back an email with photos of the cards, and an explanation of what I see.
Or I can do a reading via zoom, where we spend 10-15 minutes chatting about what you want to discover, and then 30 minutes reading cards.

I will say, yes/no questions are not ideal for this medium, though leanings in one direction or the other can be gleaned from symbols and imagery.
As far as it goes, I won’t answer questions of a life and death nature, this is for fun. There are lessons to be found in stories, but interpretation is subjective and I am not responsible for decisions anyone might make. You have agency over your life and personal decisions, and if you relinquish that autonomy in the hands/opinions of others, there is good possibility it will end in heartbreak.
I would never presume to tell anyone how to live their life, or speak for them.

Your voice is yours, use it wisely.

But if you want a personalized story as told through tarot, I’m happy to assist.

Email Reading


Video Reading