3:14am (my time)

If my voice could echo
like perfectly skipped stones
with just enough momentum
to slide across an ocean
I would hide surreptitious kisses
inside every syllable
so that every intonation became a song of joy
every noun became a verb,
an action of love
so intense
it would rain nothing but vowels
steadily for three weeks
a downpour of desire
set fire to this skin
and slowly slipped in, filling every pore
and leave you craving more
which I would happily fulfill
and leave you dreaming
satisfied and still
and still wondering what would happen
if this wasn’t just a dance
a mere conveyance of passion
cybernetically enhanced
to encompass all that goes
with sunshine dripping barefoot toes
alas, for now
I’ll take one step back from that dream
of flesh and ecstasy
and just be satisfied to send
kisses across the sea
to you
from me



Paris, 2005