My eyes are closed and I’m waiting.
The proximity of you is intoxicating.
The way your breath touches me just before you do
Makes my heart pound.
The only sound I can hear is the thump of my blood
Getting itself to my lips because it wants to taste you.

Eyelashes on my cheek
A butterfly kiss.
Did you remember that’s my favourite every language word?
Even when it comes to the language of contact,
it would seem.
But you hold,
you pause,
You stop.
Right at that infinitesimal space before the first time we connect
And you wait.

I open my eyes and you’re a Prince of mirth,
all smiles and benevolence
revelling in my anticipation,
in my need,
my hunger to know how it feels
To be kissed by you.

I never considered that you might wonder the same thing.
That you might want me to show you
how I’d like it to be done

And I step out of my role as woman taken
(only for a moment, I’ll be back)
And become a woman who takes.

Takes her time.

Watch you sit back,
climb on your lap,
straddle you,
my hips at home on yours.
I’ll place your hands at your sides
(only for a moment, they’ll be back)
Letting you know, right this second,
I’m in charge.

Intent on your eyes,
I want you to see me,
watch me get close.
Feel my fingers run along your jawline,
a nose that’s slightly cooler than your cheek
makes its way towards your ear,
I do so like your ears.
I like the way you react when I trace the edge,
that pink skin growing pinker
As your blood finds its way to the place it knows I am.

Fingers followed by a tongue,
I languidly lick and delight in your shiver.
My lips linger along your cheek
So light, you’re not sure if I’m touching you
Or just exhaling seduction.

There might be some grinding,
my tits crushed against your chest
as I hold your face and try to get myself close enough that I can’t tell
where my breath stops and yours begins.
And that moment?
That first touch?
It’s so soft.
So much so that we’re surprised, even though we saw it coming.

And I’m here, in this.
I’m nowhere else.
My lips are going to tease you,
taste you,
take their sweet fucking time
telling you
how good it feels to be this close.

And as lips give way to allow space
for tongues and teeth to have their fun,
as arms wrap around and hands go by feel,
as we fall further into exploration
beyond anything resembling reason
we might lose ourselves a little bit.
Ok, a whole lot
(only for a moment, we’ll be back…but let’s not hurry).